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The core of our brand heritage is our Diamond Crystal Salt Co.® Kosher Salt Flakes which appear as a staple in many culinary schools and are faithfully used by high-profile chefs and cookbook authors. Diamond Crystal Salt Co.® Kosher Salt Flakes stand out from the rest as an additive-free product that unlike other kosher salts, is produced without any form of mechanical compaction.

The carefully crafted crystal shape contributes to the many functions our Salt Flakes offer including seasoning control, strong adherence to food surfaces, and a salty burst when bit into. They even contain 53% less sodium by volume compared to table salt.  While we are beloved by restaurant professionals, Diamond Crystal Salt Co.® products are now available for home chefs that are carrying on their own culinary traditions while crafting new recipes to share with family and friends. 

And now, introducing a first of its kind salt crafted for delivering superior results for baking – Diamond Crystal Salt Co.® Fine Kosher Baking Salt™. Salt plays a critical role in the baking process by balancing flavors, improving consistency and preserving your baking goods. Our fine, airy, Baking Salt crystals have no additives ever and even deliver 2-3x faster dissolvability in batters and doughs.
Don’t take our word for it, try Diamond Crystal Salt Co.® products yourself by locating a store near you or online at DiamondCrystal.com and on Amazon.


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Our salts are always additive free!  Each has just one ingredient – the very best Salt we can make.


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Diamond Crystal Salt Co.® Kosher Salt has been a mainstay in fine restaurants for decades.  Use it in your recipes to make your meals the best they can be!

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Fried Chicken Cutlet Bowl

Fried Chicken Cutlet Bowls are such a delicious, comforting, and healthy dish to make for an easy lunch, meal prep, or dinner. 



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